Bathroom Sanctuary

Do you ever feel that there is nowhere to get a moment of solitude,
even in your own home?

Do you ever feel that there is nowhere to get a moment of solitude,White Bath
even in your own home?

In this busy world,sometimes the bathroom isthe only space that allows for a little privacy.

Why not use this to your advantage by turning your bathroom into a private retreat with all the luxuries of a spa?

This transformation does not even require a remodel, just a little forethought and your imagination. So take a few deep breaths, and then get started on creating your very own bathroom oasis.

The philosophy of Zen is based on solitude, quiet reflection, and harmony through balance. Decorators have fully embraced these mantras and have gone beyond using simple Asian-inspired accents to take interior design into a whole new realm. The major proponent of Zen design is serenity, easily accomplished in a room detached from the daily bustle of home life. The second attribute of Zen is simplicity. If clutter is the first thing you notice when you walk into your bathroom, then you have some work to do. First, move all unnecessary objects off of countertops and into cabinets. Next, Salts Candles and Towelassess the color of the room, using a calming shade of earth or ocean can easily turn a cold or barren room into a space of tranquility. Think about the place where you feel most serene. For example, if the desert makes you feel at peace, choose variations of sand, clay or mocha for the walls. If being at the ocean tends to lighten your soul, opt for a pale sky, sea foam, or even shades of violet. You can also soften the room by opting for lower wattage light bulbs in the main fixtures or dimming switches.

Now that the sight of your bathroom is freshly sparse and softly inviting, you can begin by adding accents to stimulate your other senses. Start by taking a page from luxury spas around the country. One of the most notable standards found in any world-class spa is a heavenly scent wafting throughout every room. Whether it is lavender or lilac, coconut or eucalyptus, a calming scent will immediately queue relaxation in your new bathroom. Decorate with candles infused with essential oils to ensure a fragrant scent while burning.

When really wanting to make your bathroom all it can be, consider warmed bathroom floors, the latest in Luxury upgrades and the next necessity in making your bathroom a true oasis. Pre-built like an electric blanket, electrical radiant floor warming system offers affordable luxury and barefoot comfort Walk In Bathroomevery homeowner can enjoy daily. The comfort of a warm floor on a cold morning can make getting out of bed a little bit more bearable.

A floor heating system, ideal for both renovations and new home construction, allows homeowners to maximize energy efficiency and reduce utility costs, while enjoying warm floors in the rooms where they are spending a lot of time. There are different options for floor warming systems; Nuheat is one system that has been very popular.

Shower panels are an ideal upgrade to any bathroom because they instantly create a luxury shower experience and make you feel like you are at a spa. The panels have features such as ceiling rain, up to 6 jets, adjustable shower heads, removable hand showers, wood trim options, and a variety of colors and finishes.
For those of you who might need a TV in the room, Envirovision is trying to solve that problem here in your private oasis by offering integral waterproof speakers, digital TV, and digital/analogue multi region tuner and thanks to direct heat® transfer technology, the screens heat twice as fast over all other makes to avoid misting fast. This will give you the opportunity to relax while watching your favorite movie while soaking in a hot tub with a glass wine after a long day.

When you’re rushing to get ready in the morning and you share a bathroom, you know how frustrating it can be when mirrors begin to fog from steam and humidity. A fog free mirror can easily solve that problem and ensure a crystal-clear reflection. Fogless units are easy to install behind your own mirrors, so they aren’t noticeable by their appearance. However, when the bathroom steams up, you’ll discover the difference when these mirrors stay clear and bright.

You might also consider a fog free mirror shower wall, so you can have it right in the showering with you. Most men can achieve the closest, most comfortable shave while showering because the steam helps soften skin naturally. Shower

When going the extra mile getting those big expensive bath towels, you can’t just stop there, go one step further with an elegant style and beautiful classic designed towel warmer. This will be sure to warm your towels and your heart for you and your loved ones. You can combine fashion and function into one special unit, most are available in Hydronic and Electric versions. Never step out of the warm shower onto a cold floor and grab for a cool towels when you can continue the warm and pampered treatment you have already started in your sanctuary with a warmed floor and cozy warm towel. They even make timers available that can turn the towel warmer on while you are in the shower, to have it ready at just the right moment.

The next time you need to get away from it all, just turn down the lights, draw a warm bath, and take a few precious moments to relax in your luxuriously serene bathroom. Now that is achieving Zen.
Text by Kelly Cochran
San Diego Premier Vol 12 June 2007

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