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Granite and marble have been used throughout history to create wondrous structures and some of the greatest pieces of art know to man…but

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Granite and marble have been used throughout history to create wondrous structures and some of the greatest pieces of art know to man…but what most of us want to know are the best ways to use stone in our very own homes. We asked Francois Hope, owner of GMG Stone in San Diego, for some tips and trends in using stone in our kitchens and baths.

Here are six stone essentials from Francois to beautify your kitchen and bath with stone:

1) Hail Caesar!
Chosen as the exclusive countertop in House Beautiful’s “Kitchen of the Year” Caesarstone is the quartz surface at the tip of everyone’s tongue. Exceptionally durable, non porous and available in over 70 colors, this trend is looking to become a classic. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), while granite continues to be the most popular option for countertops, quartz will give it a run for its money, nearly catching up in 2010.

2) White is the new black
According to NKBA, shades of whites and off whites will be the all the rage for kitchen and baths for 2010.

3) Renew, Reuse, Recycle
With Vetrazzo Surfaces you can express both your style and your respect for the earth without compromise. Made from 85% recycled glass, the surfaces are strong, uniquely beautiful, and tell a story. With styles like Bistro Green, Champagne Flint, and Cobalt Skyy, doing good never looked so good.

4) Sealing the deal
Stone will do its job for you–standing up to daily use, showing off its inherent natural beauty–but we have to do our part too and that is becoming easier and easier. Arizona Tile offers a 15 year limited warranty through its Extraordinary Stone Collection plan in which their Stone Preserve Sealer is applied by authorized dealers to Arizona Tile Polished granite countertops. No need for yearly resealing makes more time for enjoying your beautiful counters.

5) Cutting Edge
There are myriad different options for countertop edges available: bullnose, drop mitre, bevel edge, ogee out, round butt, butt joint, ogee bullnose, ogee drop, ogee bullnose out, bullnose, ogee drop out and then you figure in the size of the edging…sounds confusing but it’s not. There is an edge to match every style from contemporary to country making stone the “goes-with-everything” essential.

6) Something for everyone
Once the exclusive domain of the ultra wealthy, the use of stone in home design and decor has become more affordable than ever. If you are upgrading your very first condo or designing your fantasy estate, there are beautiful stone options for every budget. Best of all, stone is an investment that will pay off when it is time to sell having proven benefits to a homes resale value.

Everything INCLUDING the Kitchen Sink!
The standard for high end countertops, backsplashes and flooring, stone is now transforming the most used tool in your kitchen–the sink. The very qualities that make stone ideal for countertops are what make it perfect for use in creating a one-of-a-kind kitchen sink.
Featuring Francois Hope, owner GMG Stone
Image provided by Caesarstone



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