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For San Diegans especially, having an outdoor space for entertaining has become a high priority in home design. No longer simply a holding place for a barbeque, the backyard patio has become a fully functional second kitchen and living room for many Southern Californians.

~ The Ultimate in Fourth-of-July entertaining ~

For San Diegans especially, having an outdoor space for entertaining has become a high priority in home design. No longer simply a holding place for a barbeque, the backyard patio has become a fully functional second kitchen and living room for many Southern Californians.

The function of your outdoor kitchen should be at the forefront of your preliminary designs. Stations forOutside Kitchen storage, preparation, cooking, and clean-up will all add to the full functionality of your new outdoor culinary space. Proximity to the indoors can also be paramount when planning your outdoor kitchen, especially when preparing food for large parties or if the main clean-up station will be an indoor sink.

After choosing the appropriate location for your outdoor kitchen, the next step is deciding on a focal point. Brick and wood-fired pizza ovens can act as a beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor kitchen. The façade of these ovens can be done in plain white stucco, red brick or even inlaid with beautifully intricate tile. Quality manufacturers like Forno Bravo and Californo can build you an authentic and functional piece that will create pizzas that taste like they are straight out of Napoli.

Of course everything in an outdoor kitchen revolves around the grill. Now with the help of big name manufacturers like Viking appliances, you can cook with the same top-of-the-online equipment outdoors as you do inside. Viking outdoor ranges are available in 24” to 60”-wide sizes, and according to the manufacturer, they make the world’s only outdoor gas range. Viking grills can be built into a custom stainless steel cabinet system or even transported on a portable stainless steel cart for flexible mobility for all of your outdoor parties. The Ultra-Premium E-Series 53 gas grill comes with side burners and a halogen lamp on the inside of the hood, perfect for late evening feasts. Viking challenges all grill masters to put the 25,000 BTU stainless steel burners to the test on anything from delicate fish to giant rotisserie turkeys. Just make sure to get one in plenty of time for your 4th of July festivities.

Outdoor warming drawers are a needed addition for any chef who enjoys cooking for a large group. These drawers are moisture and temperature controlled to keep faster-cooking food fresh and hot while you master slower grilling items. Want to keep things cool until you’re ready to serve your guests? Outdoor BarInstall a mini refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen made specifically to stand up to varying weather conditions. Both Viking and Sub-Zero make under-the-counter refrigerators perfect for all of your outdoor entertaining needs.

For wine enthusiasts, keeping your bottles at the perfect temperature and within easy reach is a must for outdoor entertaining. Look to leave space in your outdoor kitchen design plans for a built-in wine or beverage cooler for the ultimate in backyard entertaining. A combination outdoor beverage cooler is perfect for chilling your best bottles of wine, beer, and soft drinks, and comes with different temperature settings for split compartments to satisfy even the most varied assortment of beverages. Outdoor ice makers also save trips to and from the indoors, especially when hosting a huge 4th of July bash.

The addition of lavish stonework, including marble and custom tile, and high-end lighting systems start to come into play when planning for the perfect backyard gathering place. Teak is a beautiful and weather-resistant wood that is perfect for outdoor use in any capacity, and stainless steel appliances will be guaranteed to hold up year-round. But some homeowners are not stopping with the kitchen when designing their outdoor entertainment centers. Weather-safe televisions and sound systems will come in handy for those big 4th of July barbecues and are quickly becoming the gold standard for outdoor entertaining.

When devising seating for your guests, an aesthetic focal point again comes into play. Beautiful custom islands can now include built-in fire pits, making a glowing first impression on your guests. Want to use a movable dining set instead of a built-in counter for your outdoor kitchen? High bistro tables are now en vogue, replacing the low wrought-iron dining sets of the past. But no matter which seating style you choose, simply set it up to face a sparkling pool or a glorious garden for a guaranteed way to impress your guests come party time.
One family who has outdoor entertaining down to a fine art is Italian design legend Fendi. Their power yacht, the Flamarosa, now boasts a full-service kitchen fabricated by design firm Arclinea. “Our company’s design philosophy translates simply into this—where the kitchen is the home, it is the homeOutdoor Grill and Kitchen which revolves around the kitchen,” explains Lisa Wilson-Wirth, president and owner of Arclinea San Diego. “This idea of home can represent all kinds of lifestyles and locations, and is not limited by the traditional concept of a roof and four walls.”

For the Fendi yacht, Arclinea used durable stainless steel for all the worktops and backsplashes. The acrylic cabinet doors are manufactured from a 100% homogenous, solid acrylic panel that is UV- and scratch-resistant, recyclable, and most importantly resistant to sun, sand and sea air. The result is a beautiful and efficient outdoor kitchen that is the envy of all on the high seas.

With the 4th of July fast approaching, putting these design ideas to use will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. A custom-designed and luxuriously appointed outdoor kitchen can quickly turn your backyard into the hit of any summer party.


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By Kelly Cochran
San Diego Premier Vol 12 June 2007

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