Mother Nature, the Ultimate Colorist

I have heard it said that some of the most inspired color combinations can be found right outside your door…

I have heard it said that some of the best color combinations can be found right outside your door; because really, who knows what goes together better than Mother Nature herself–the ultimate designer.  Maybe I am clinging to summer but right now I can’t get enough of sparkling blue water (salt or a bright chlorinated version will do) alongside the green of a palm or grass. Throw in a pop of color from some flowers and I think this Mother Nature is on to something…

Blue and Green, Purple and Red found at a French Mediterranean home in The Bridges, Offered by Jason & Catherine Barry.
Again with the stripes, I know, but I love them! A lively green against the ocean view in the distance, with a dash of red from the flower and Spanish tile roofs. La Jolla home offered by Linda Daniels.
A deep blue sky and water reflect the immaculate carpet of grass and red pillows mimick the red roses in this Del Mar meets the Hamptons home offered by Maxine and Marti Gellens.
I couldn't resist throwing this in...the blues and greens of Cancun....

For more information on these homes:

#1 See page 32, August 2011 Vol 60

#2 See page 39, September 2011 Vol 61

#3 See page 40, September 2011 Vol 61

#4 Hop a flight to Cancun!

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