OUR PETS ARE OUR FAMILY and this Family needs our help

Letter from the Publisher

It was mid-January when I received the news that my dog Chloe had Lymphoma.  I was devastated! Chris, my partner, said I took it harder than the diagnoses of my own cancer four years ago, and he was right!

I understood what I was in for and I am a fighter, but with Chloe, she had no idea and I couldn’t tell her, that was the hardest part!  At our very first meeting with her Oncologist, Dr. Brenda Phillips at Veterinary Specialty Hospital (VSH) in Sorrento Valley, we learned how they were going to conquer her cancer in the long six month chemo treatment plan for animals. I felt good about the plan, the doctor, and the fact that their biggest concern was keeping Chloe comfortable and playful throughout the whole process. Because really, dogs live simply lives and being able to play with her sisters and go for walks are what she looks forward to the most.

When I came back to the hospital a few days later for her first treatment, I noticed a flyer on the bullet board by the coffee machine in the lobby for a Go Fund Me page for a dog named Kerry. Kerry is a four-year old Shetland Sheepdog. He earned his “Good Canine Citizen Award” prior to his diagnosis. Kerry was on track to be a Service and Therapy Dog able to visit local hospitals and senior living facilities and schools.  His owner Ann, who is on a very tight income, was doing everything in her power to afford Kerry’s treatment, selling some of her personal items and visiting local recycling centers.  Reading her flyer broke my heart, I felt so blessed to be able to afford Chloe’s treatment which runs around 9-15K for the whole 6 months, thank goodness you can pay as you go, so that makes it more manageable. But to think about how someone on a low fixed income was going to afford this was so saddening to me.  I went on the site as soon as I got home and donated.  But she needs so much more then I could afford, since I was already budgeting to pay for Chloe’s treatment.  With that I decided I would try and help Ann to keep her beautiful dog Kerry alive and well, and that is why I am writing this to you, my readers and friends.

I know times are tough right now with the COVID-19 Virus, but imagine trying to deal with this new situation, being sent home and not working, and on top of that worrying about a sick family member at the same time. So I ask you, please help Kerry and Ann and donate anything you can, any amount will help. Please help us to keep Kerry healthy and on track with her treatment and keep Ann sane. You can donate through the Go Fund Me page at:  or type in these keys words into the home page at Go Fund Me: Dog Kerry Lymphoma La Mesa or you can email Ann directly and arrange to send her a check, her email is Anything and everything can help. Let’s get Kerry healthy and back on track so he can start visiting those local hospitals and show those patients that if a dog can survive cancer then they can too!

Thank you and God Bless us all through these strange and difficult times.

Tracy & Chloe Pendergast


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