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Was fitness and health part of your 2019 resolution? If so, you’re in good company. According to, the #1 New Year’s Resolution is to Diet or be healthier, and #2 is to exercise more.

The challenges, or excuses, for not reaching your workout goals are common to many of us:

  • No time with busy schedules to fit in yet another activity
  • Dislike of “going to” or being inside a gym
  • Childcare hassles
  • Lack of motivation

Popularity of online classes, virtual personal trainers and a bevy of high-tech wearables has spawned a revolution of new Home Gym fitness enthusiasts. One of the newest, and coolest products we found, Mirror (, looks like a sleek floor mirror when not in use but turns into a life-sized screen for classes when you’re ready to work out.

Peloton bikes, with their cult-like following of users enjoy the freedom of “at home” spin classes while being connected to an online community of fellow workout partners. Customers tout benefits such as real time metrics, target goal tracking and rankings for competitive analysis.

If you crave high intensity but low-tech workouts, a Pilates Reformer machine is an ideal feature in your new personal gym.

Rialto Pilates Reformer

One of the most exciting aspects of buying a new home is “making it yours”.  The options for Home Fitness are endless but all aim at the goal of making exercise convenient and readily available for busy homeowners. It looks like you are out of excuses – so cheers to a new you in your new home!


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