the March Luxury Real Estate Panel: Most Frequent Advice

the MARCH Luxury Real Estate Panel A panel of our PREMIER luxury San Diego Real Estate professionals answer the question, What is the most frequent advice you give before listing a home?


The Luxury Panel is a rotating group of San Diego’s top Real Estate professionals who specialize in the luxury market sharing their expertise on hot topics and home buyer & seller questions.

What is the most frequent piece of advice you give your clients before listing their home?



<<<“The most common advice we give clients: First impressions are everything. Clean and de-clutter every inch of your home, including your yard and add some colorful flowers. Remove personal items and photos; buyers want to feel like this is “their future home”.  Replace or remove worn or outdated pieces of furniture, this might also include re-arranging furniture so the flow of traffic is not impeded. Lastly be prepared for an occasional bump in escrow, it’s fairly common, don’t panic, we will handle it and get escrow closed!”

Catherine & Jason Barry, Barry Estates




>>>“I advise them that there are two types of homes. One, is the home in which we live, it is comfortable with every necessity you need to function throughout your day, placed in convenient spots, like vitamins, photographs, makeup, shoes, robes, jackets…etc. The second is the home we sell; it is also comfortable but organized, clean and clear of ALL daily clutter. This second home allows the buyer to visualize their life in this lovely space vs. focusing on your life, in your space.”

Susie Nancarrow, Nancarrow Realty Group, Inc.




<<<“Most important thing is the condition and presentation of how the home looks. Whatever it takes to make it look absolutely perfect!”

Daniel Greer

Windermere Real Estate





>>>“Always try to have realistic expectations.  At any given time, a home’s market value is only what you can receive offers for.  Find an experienced, well-connected agent with a good knowledge of the area to help in finding the best listing price for the market.  I feel that realistic expectations based on good information, practically guarantees a successful transaction.”

Paul Fisher, Keller Williams Realty





<<<“The advice I give is to make sure we showcase the subtleties of a home and focus on the everyday features.  To make a list of features they have enjoyed there and to go beyond the mechanical jargon of bedroom and bath counts.  This story can only be told by those that have actually lived there. My advice is simple—Tell me the story of the home so that I can share it with the right audience.”

Dane Soderberg, P.S. Platinum Properties






>>>“Be unemotional!  Step outside your home…then walk into your home pretending you’re the buyer.  What do your eyes see? Do you need to clean up clutter? Remove and refresh your furnishings? Paint? Spruce up outside? Spend some extra days resolving these issues. Remember, first impressions count!  Then…key point…price the house accordingly…not at what you want or what you think it’s worth but what the agent you hired tells you it’s worth. They know best!  Listen to them!”


Linda Daniels, Willis Allen Real Estate



<<<“The most frequent advice we give our clients before listing the home is that their best marketing tool is their price, and if the price is perceived well by brokers and buyers alike, they will accomplish the highest sale price in the shortest amount of time.”

Phil and Pam Reed

Willis Allen Real Estate






>>>“Expect the unexpected! Like all markets, there is a low-to-moderate degree of predictability. You have retained our service based upon our proven ability to effectively assess and interpret how the market is responding to inventory and pricing. Allowing us to have input in both the pricing and marketing, while working WITH you, is an effective strategy to achieve a common goal.”

Dino Morabito, Real Living Napolitano R.E.




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