the LUXURY PANEL: Home Staging We asked a panel of San Diego’s top luxury real estate professionals when the thought it was necessary to consider staging a home for sale?


The Luxury Panel is a rotating group of San Diego’s top Real Estate professionals who specialize in the luxury market sharing their expertise on hot topics and home buyer & seller questions.

When is it necessary to consider staging a home?


“A ‘house’ needs to feel like ‘a home’. Minimal staging with large floor plants, small table plants, orchids and inviting bedding can make a phenomenal difference at little cost. Concentrate on making a stunning statement with important pieces in the major rooms. Remember: ‘less is more.’ The better a property shows, the more the buyers will “fall in love” resulting in a higher purchase price. If a seller is not open to staging, vacant can often times look better than a partially furnished or poorly furnished property.”

Andrea Dougherty, Paci­fic Sotheby’s International Realty





“When selling a home, staging is almost always necessary. The question is to what extent? For vacant homes, it is worth the investment. Staging can enhance the properties features. For homes that are lived in, it is best to declutter and remove all personal effects as it’s easier for the buyer to fully imagine themselves living in the home. Statistics show that a staged home that is priced well sells quickly and for a higher price.”

Renee Wilson, Park Life Real Estate




“Staging your home is a necessity when preparing to market your property. Presenting your property for the “eyes of the buyer” is different than maintaining a home for your personal needs. Clean and pristine with fresh linens, towels, candles, and scents are truly simple things that can make an economic difference in your offer. I am constantly thinking about the buyers’ perception and how to optimize all the assets of your home. Clearing out clutter, organizing drawers and closets is time well spent, for your pending move-out as well!”

Cathleen Shera, Paci­fic Sotheby’s International Realty






“Experience and statistics have shown that staging a home creates higher value, and results in a faster sale. If a property is outdated, vacant, has a difficult floor plan, or furnishings that are not complementary, it can benefit greatly from bringing a staging ‘expert’ to mitigate the issues. Staging can transform ‘dreary’ into ‘inspired’, and the ‘blank slate’ can become a luxurious space. Sellers have one opportunity to create that first impression. Often stagers merely remove clutter, simplify the style, and add accessories to make the look more current.”

Eilis McKay, Barry Estates, Inc.



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