Outdoor Living: Top 10 Landscape Design Trends for 2012

PREMIER Outdoor Living  Top 10 Trends for your outdoor spaces in 2012 from Jason Jarvis, Terra Bella Landscape Development.

From PREMIER’s Outdoor Living Expert,  Jason Jarvis, owner of Terra Bella Landscape Development

With our wonderfully sunny climate here in Southern California it makes sense that homeowners like to make the most of their outdoor spaces. With spring approaching it’s a good time to be thinking about rejuvenating your yard. For some ideas, here are the trends I’m seeing for 2012.

1 color trends
Orange, yellow and lime will add a real pop of color in 2012—these sun-kissed colors bring a fresh liveliness to your landscape!

2 vertical landscaping
Enhance your landscaping by growing plants on vertical spaces with vines, trellises, fruit espaliers and wall planters such as frames holding a variety of succulents.

3 focal point garden art
Inject new life into your landscape with garden art. Idea: a pedestal with a pot on top containing flowers, hanging plants or succulents.

4 water features
The most popular water features are ponds, fountains and waterfalls. You can even use smaller pieces such as water cascading over some rocks or bubbling from an urn.

5 reclaimed materials
Use something old to create something new—old wood boats, planks, wagon wheels, carved Asian pieces, logs and large branches. They can be turned into unique tables, benches, art and planters.

6 natural pest control
Try solutions such as owl boxes for a natural and safe way to deal with rodents. Other ideas include non-toxic bug traps, plants such as eucalyptus and rosemary oils to repel pests and “good” insects such as ladybugs.

7 outdoor lighting
Lighting creates an inviting ambiance and boosts the appeal of your home. Add a little romance to your space with accent lights, spotlights to illuminate walkways, and deck and patio lighting.

8 outdoor living spaces
Bring the indoors outside and share in the wonder of dining al fresco. Outdoor enhancements include kitchens, pizza ovens and fireplaces. Other popular features are cabanas, bars and backyard beaches.

9 bromeliads 

Bromeliads have wonderful clustered leaves and striking flowers. Use them in shady areas to provide interest, texture and color.

10 drought-tolerant plants
Select water-wise native plants for efficiency and sustainability. Mix and match plants such as succulents in a jewel box of color that becomes living art.



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