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When they came up with the name “America’s Finest City” they really hit the nail on the head.
The months of February and March must have broken some records here in San Diego County for beautiful weather.

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Outdoor Entertaining: Bringing the Indoors Out! Part 1 of 6


When they came up with the name “America’s Finest City” they really hit the nail on the head.
The months of February and March must have broken some records here in San Diego County for beautiful weather. With sunny days in the 80’s, I think my winter jackets have acquired a light coating of dust since I wore them last year. Now Memorial Day is just around the corner and spring has made me think about planning for some great summer parties and gatherings I want to have in my newly landscaped backyard. There are so many great options for outdoor decorating, design and entertaining, we can literally bring our luxury lifestyle outside to enjoy. With homeowners now building and remodeling around the concept of indoor/ outdoor living, I see all the living areas inside having outdoor counterparts equally as comfortable, classy and luxurious as their indoor mates.

Planning your Memorial Day Bash gets a lot easier when you have all aspects of your outdoor spaces designed and in place and PREMIER can help. From your outdoor kitchen and bar area, to seating and pool design, here are some of the must-have elements to put together a backyard Memorial Day celebration your family and friends will not forget.

Outdoor Kitchen Grills

Food is the best way into YOUR GUESTS’ hearts
The function of your outdoor kitchen should be at the forefront of your preliminary designs. Stations for storage, preparation, cooking, and clean-up will all add to the full functionality of your new outdoor culinary space. Every aspect of the indoors can be brought outdoors including the kitchen sink and so it helps to have a kitchen design professional assist you in implementing the proper kitchen design principles so that all the different components and prep areas work together seamlessly.
Of course everything in an outdoor kitchen revolves around the grill. With the help of big name manufacturers like Viking appliances, you can cook with the same top-of-the-online equipment outdoors as you do inside. Viking outdoor ranges are available in 24” to 60”-wide sizes, and according to the manufacturer, they make the world’s only outdoor gas range. Viking grills can be built into a custom stainless steel cabinet system or even transported on a portable stainless steel cart for flexible mobility for all of your outdoor parties. The Ultra-Premium E-Series 53 gas grill comes with side burners and a halogen lamp on the inside of the hood, perfect for late evening feasts. Viking challenges all grill masters to put the 30,000 BTU TruSear™ infrared burners to the test on anything from delicate fish to giant rotisserie turkeys.
Outdoor warming drawers are a needed addition for any chef who enjoys cooking for a large group. These drawers are moisture and temperature controlled to keep faster-cooking food fresh and hot while you master slower grilling items.

Outdoor Stereo’s & Weather Safe TV’s
Weather-safe televisions and sound systems are a key component for entertaining especially during a big Welcome Summer party like Memorial Day. Pantel Outdoor Weatherproof LCD HDTV’s integrate the highest quality LCD screens with more than double the brightness of standard indoor televisions. This, while also being able to withstand -40 to 140 degree temperatures, rain, dirt and insects. Always at the forefront, BOSE brings its phenomenal sound quality to the outdoors with both above ground and in-ground outdoor speaker options. The BOSE Free Space® 51 environmental speakers deliver
360-degree sound dispersion while blending completely with the scenery.

Outdoor Dining and Lounge area
Outdoor tables can hold as many guests as traditional indoor formal dinning room tables so there is no need to limit the guest list. They are durable in harsh weather but also extremely comfortable on hot and humid nights and are built to withstand wet suits, clothing and animals. So your guests can go straight from the pool to the dining table.
The same holds true for your outdoor lounge areas. Woodard offers a full line of outdoor furnishings that are distinguished by their meticulous construction, quality materials, and attention to detail. Their unparalleled durability combines with an extensive array of design choices in fabric and finish to compliment any aesthetic from contemporary to formal, making it possible for everyone to create the perfect outdoor space.

Built-in fire pit and Water Falls
Sit and Socialize in Paradise
When devising seating for your guests, planning around a built-in fire pit can help keep everyone warm if it happens to drop below 60. There are a wide variety of fire pit options including clean burning natural gas with ceramic logs or stones that have all the warmth and glow of a wood fire with none of the mess.
Everyone enjoys the sound of running water; today water falls come in sizes from 12 inches to 12 feet tall, the only limit is your imagination. But no matter what the size the soothing sounds invite guests to relax and enjoy themselves and bring tropic ambiance to your outdoor retreat.

Personalized Stone Works of Art
Make your outdoor space truly yourswith personalized etched stones.
Display your family name with flourish on carefully chosen flagstones available in colors ranging from tan to terra cotta. Add smaller family and pet name river rocks to make every member of you family feel special, even the four legged ones. You can even create a sacred garden spot to remember a loved one with a beautiful memorial stone. These carefully created works of art will make your guests feel part of your special family when they relax and celebrate in your outdoor paradise.

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