2013 Holiday Gift Spectacular: For The HOME

2013 Holiday Gift Spectacular For the HOME Brought to you by the ever stylish Brandon Smith #DesignLux, this years crop of the finest decor gifts from San Diego’s hottest retailers. Let’s go shopping!

holiday-gift-spectacular HOME

Once a year the editors at San Diego PREMIER let me out of my proverbial cage and set me free amidst the stores and boutiques and retailers with one simple instruction…­ find the best home décor gifts in San Diego. Things always start well but in the end I find myself shopping for myself and eventually resort to giving gift cards to everyone else. So although I can count any number of people who’d love receiving each of the truly awesome finds from some of my favorite San Diego design hot spots, the reality is that this is just one big wish list for myself. And by the way, if you don’t get my jokes or find my puns in bad form, simply pour another glass of egg nog. They’ll make sense eventually.

By Brandon Smith, DCoopMedia, #DesignLux

For the HOME: 



Lucky Strike Vinegar & Oil Containers

When I spotted these I couldn’t spare a joke and knew that if I did I’d find myself in the gutter. Yeah. I went there.



 2310 Kettner Blvd.  San Diego (Little Italy)







Customized Airline Trolley

As a frequent traveler, I can’t tell you the number of bruises I’ve gained from a service trolley in the aisle. Let this serve is a constant reminder.







chic-holiday-giftsBlanket Box

I’m a keeper of anything sentimental. Sometimes to the point of being a hoarder. Giving the gift of beautiful storage means never having to see a loved one on “Hoarders”.

Thos. Moser

3395 Sacramento Street, San Francisco







RX Prescription Pad Tray

Everyone knows someone with a cure. Mine is 7-Up at room temperature.

Scout at Quarters D

2675 Rosecrans Street, San Diego (Liberty Station)










Whale Cheeseboard by Sir/Madam

There is something to be said about the one that got away. Let your cheeseboard tell the whole story.

Bixby & Ball

214 S. Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach







Sequin Throw Pillow by Symphony Home Decor

One too many late nights at the club and we’re all bound to need a bit of home time. You can blame the ankle bracelet but you certainly can’t blame the dress.

Symphony Home Décor

7447 Girard Ave, La Jolla


For The Pythonian Mixologist

Wood Serving Tray by Spitfire Girl

If someone you know makes a great drink, point it out.  Monty Python style.

From VII Star

2355 India Street, San Diego (Little Italy)      


For The Serial Colorist

Home Collection by Michele Keeler

We gave up on white towels in our home years ago – too difficult to bleach away the evidence.  These will do quite nicely.

From Love & Aesthetics





PREMIER Staffer’s pick a few items for their gift list…

“The Putter”

If Rodin had been a golfer… or wasn’t he?

Divine Interiors

Illuminazione Cloche Candles

They say not to hide your light under a bushel. So instead, a graceful display, candle under cloche.

Fairen Del

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Brandon Smith is the owner and principal of DCoopMedia, founder of @Designluxchat, and editor-in-cheif of  the soon to be released The Twenty Six. Be sure to keep up with all things D’SCoop at @dcoopsd






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