Building San Diego’s ART District, Alexander Salazar Fine Art

Monday March 4, 2013  Alexander Salazar has a vision and a mission, to create a thriving ART district in Downtown San Diego.


Alexander Salazar has a vision and a mission, to create a thriving ART district in Downtown San Diego. What started with his flagship gallery, Alexander Salazar Fine Art, on the corner of Broadway and 7th has grown to include White Box Contemporary, Salazar Art Brokerage & Auctions and the Artist-In-Residence project all on the same downtown block.  And this is just the beginning.

With a stellar pedigree that includes the words Harvard Alumnus Salazar is a renowned art dealer, critic, historian, curator, and entrepreneur but at heart he remains a patron and supporter of the arts, a quality that may outshine all the prestigious plaques on his wall. With a Don’t Stop! attitude and a reputation as one of the nicest guys around (I met him and I have to report it is actually true) giving back to the community and especially San Diego artist’s is a top priority.

His Artist-in-Residence program provides precious studio space for one artist a month to create work which will be exhibited at Alexander Salazar Fine Art Gallery; an incredible opportunity for a local artist, without the means to put on his or her own show, to generate interest in their work.

If you have attended a party Downtown or in La Jolla over the last few year’s chances are Alexander Salazar had something to do with one of them. As part of his mission to bring awareness and buyers to art and his artists work Alexander has become part of the San Diego social fabric. Utilizing his incredible spaces (White Box Contemporary is made to party) Salazar hosts fundraisers, corporate events, even weddings (contact him for details, seriously).

White Box Contemporary



Check out a few of his featured artists in our February issue here and stop by one of his spaces, his collections are a must see for San Diego Art aficionados and receive rave reviews world-wide.

Art is the most personal and valuable way to decorate your home, find the piece that speaks to you and you will love it forever.

Chris Trueman Stripe Series “BQ”, 40″ x 60″, acrylic and acrylic spray paint on canvas, 2012

Adam Jahnke Untitled (Sky) 19.5 x 19.5 x 4.5 Photo sculpture: Inkjet photograph, Plaster, Wood 2x4 2012
Artist Bill Georgenes, toys

 Jamali, Pretty Woman Series, Pigmentation on Cork 57″ x 39″


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