A Game of Paper Doll House

Tuesday June 26, 2012  Like a game of paper dolls I’m dressing my dream house with rooms and spaces from the June Issue… play along!

Remember dressing up paper dolls when you were a kid? Well I would like to propose a game of Home Design paper-doll . I’ll go first by picking fav rooms from the June issue and combining them into my version of the perfect “outfit”. Then it’s your turn!

I would start with this view I think… yes, definitely this one.

Home offered by Phil & Pam Reed, Willis Allen Real Estate.

I am really feeling Encinitas lately so I would put it right here by Moonlight Beach (Yes it would still get that La Jolla view, this is a game silly!)

Encinitas Property offered by Gary Martin, Gary Martin Broker.

The bedroom would definitely have a reclaimed wood wall like this.

Home sold by Brett Combs, PS Platinum Properties.

A yellow dining room has always appealed to me, love the vases!!

Offered by Patricia Leone, Centre City Properties.

The pool would be dripping in fabulous tile like this…

Offered by Carrie O’Brien Flagship Properties.

A white kitchen is a must!

Offered by Drew Nelson, Willis Allen Real Estate.

I would love an elevator for when my legs are sore…

Offered by Ruth Ann Fisher, Del Realty.

A large lanai is crucial for entertaining of course!

Offered by Eva Marshall, Windermere SoCal.

A traditional fireplace with a gorgeous rug. 

Offered by Linda Sansone, Willis Allen Real Estate.

And finally I choose the staircase to look just like this.

Offered by Linda Daniels, Willis Allen Real Estate.

What would you pick from the June issue?  

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