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The key to making any home delicious enough to attract a buyer’s offer is to infuse it with a large dose of yang chi (vibrant energy) both inside and out.

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SIX Ways to Make it Happen

by Myrna Gordon M.A. Feng Shui consultant, teacher, lecturer.

The key to making any home delicious enough to attract a buyer’s offer is to infuse it with a large dose of yang chi (vibrant energy) both inside and out. The goal is to hook the potential buyer immediately by invigorating the home with shimmering, welcoming energy that mesmerizes and inspires the sale.  Work your magic and get the job done using age old feng shui principles:

1.) First impressions go a long way: Remove all clutter from the driveway. (This includes the trash cans if they are placed in view).  Clear a pathway up to the front door.  Place bright sweet smelling flowers on either side of the front door in pots and keep the front garden perfectly pruned and tended to.  This front space of every home is called the bright hall and it represents luck and success.  All dead energy here must be scrupulously removed.  Fresh paint, on the gate, a bright new welcome mat, squeaky clean windows all create the aura of a vibrant home well cared for and loved.

2.)Nothing says stability like a gorgeous well oiled, perfectly sized sturdy front door. Feng shui philosophy pays enormous attention to the front door, the mouth of chi, as it is the entrance, the major attraction that sets the stage for all the players to come inside.  It is a good idea to change the main door handles so that the serious perspective buyer opens the door and connects to the home with his/her own fresh energy. Re-fresh your door with a new coat of paint. Oil it so there are no squeaks and remove anything (plants, shoes, tennis rackets, etc.) that might be blocking the incoming path of energy. Stand inside the door looking out with your compass in hand and determine the facing direction of your front door. Energize your main door. If your door faces South, use a bright light shining downwards towards the door.  If your door faces North, place a 6 rod wind chime there.  If your door faces East or Southeast, place a water feature near it. If your door faces West or Northwest, place golden rocks near the door.  If your door faces Northeast or Southwest, place crystals, lights and a chandelier there to attract good fortune.

3.)Bring in plenty of sunlight throughout the entire home.  Take down dingy drapes. Tie the clean perfectly fresh curtains back to reveal the graceful energy of the cosmos.  Use the morning sunlight to enervate the home and fill it with light.  If your entrance is small, paint one wall a bright different color using taste and panache.  Make sure there is one room close to the entrance where the buyer can experience a wonderful positive flow of energy.  Remove excess furniture and do not overdo things.  Quiet, elegant simplicity goes a long way.  A couple of unique art pieces, statues or bowls embellish any space and make it richer and hopefully unforgettable. Make the house look twice as big by removing half the normal furniture.  Place the bed in the master bedroom against the main wall and keep the room fresh, crisp and smelling sweet.  Before the open house, use a singing bowl or ring metal bells in every room to awaken the sleeping energy.  Go around the windows, doors, bedrooms and bath to clear away negative vibes or illness that may have settled.  This habit of space clearing is powerful and potent and should be repeated before every showing.

4.) Clear the home of personal mementos like photographs.  Hide private items and release new welcoming energy so that a buyer can feel comfortable and cozy taking up the space.  Depersonalize the space and allow it to be released to someone new.  Sometimes a conscious intent (either spoken aloud or whispered quietly) works wonders. Make up your own or use a favorite of mine, “Today I gracefully and gladly relinquish my desires, memories, attachments to this home and offer them up to the Universe so that I can move on with my life”

5.) Keep a light turned on in the SOUTH corner room that greets the visitor. Lights are wonderful feng shui enhancers.  Flower lights, uplights, sconces and lamps all work their wonders. Also, light up the corner diagonal to the entrance door. This light beckons the buyer in and has a powerful pull and attraction. Hang a six rod metal wind chime here as well.  If you have them, place one, eight or nine horses (statues or pictures work perfectly) in the SOUTH of the entire home.  With a compass, locate the SOUTH location and place your symbolic horses there to activate robust and auspicious energy.

6.) Place a glass globe or large smooth crystal ball in the center of the first room that visitors see.  This creates powerful earth energy that will help to facilitate an easy smooth transaction enabling the sale to go through like clockwork.

Try these simple and easy feng shui practices and watch what happens.   You will be amazed how positive, quick and easy selling your home will be.  Beguile your buyers with warm welcoming chi and remember to relax, have fun and let the enhanced power of the Universe work its wonders.

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