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Be Well – Wellness Inspired Design

A renewed focus on health and wellness influenced even the real estate market. Luxury buyers are looking for homes that offer wellness amenities and contribute to their overall wellbeing. Here we feature wellness trends from products to home design that will be top of mind for buyers in 2021.


The ability to visit a local spa is no longer a given so buyers are looking to bring the spa home. Steam showers, red light saunas, cold plunges, and even space to bring in your own esthetician are now more a need than a want. A spa level master bathroom in La Jolla from Susana Corrigan


Living in harmony with our environment can be directly tied to levels of health and happiness. A beautiful example is the large tree in the center of this courtyard grounding the modern design in nature and bringing balance to daily life. La Jolla Shores oceanfront from Brett Dickinson


What combines the fun of a pool with the utility of exercise equipment? The Endless Exercise Pool. Hit your fitness goals, relieve pain, enjoy world class swim training and have fun with your family. This endless exercise pool is in Del Mar, from Rande Turner


There is evidence that being near a large body of water positively influences our health and wellbeing by enhancing mood and reducing stress, something we could all use. Imagine the benefits of swimming a few laps and then taking in these views. Hillside, La Jolla from Eric & Peggy Chodorow

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