Premier Home Design Remodeling You Home: Part 2 of 6

We start Part 2 of our Home Remodel Series in the BATHROOM. The second most remodeled room after the kitchen, a bathroom remodel is a great investment for both your wallet and your spirit.

Remodeling: Your Bathroom

We start Part 2 of our Home Remodel Series in the BATHROOM. The second most remodeled room after the kitchen, a bathroom remodel is a great investment for both your wallet and your spirit. According to Remodeling Magazines 2008-2009 Cost vs. Value report a midrange bathroom remodel in San Diego County recoups 84.9% of its cost on average and an upscale remodel an even higher 87.5% on average. An up-to-date and appealing bathroom is a key purchase point for home buyers in the market today and could be the clincher in closing your sale. Even if you are not looking to sell in the foreseeable future, a bathroom remodel can be a lucrative personal investment as often in our busy lives this is the only space that allows for a little peace and privacy. Having your very own spa-like sanctuary can be a priceless luxury when starting or winding down a long day.

In this issue we will discuss some of the most important choices in bathroom remodeling. From the newest trends in fixtures and accessories to important considerations in layout and design let PREMIER help you in creating the private sanctuary of your dreams.


Not just for your kitchen countertops

Last issue we talked about Caesarstone for your kitchen countertops but this amazing quartz material doesn’t just belong in the kitchen. Quartz is an ideal material for your bathroom as well. Beautiful and functional it can be used to create a custom shower and countertop for any style bathroom.

Caesarstone was actually chosen by Sonobath, LLC as the exclusive stone supplier for its new collection of high-end vessel sinks created by celebrity designer Jae Omar. “Each sink is engineered to create a new dimension in water and stone, so it was critical to find a highly durable, slab-based surface that is clean, simple and consistent, with colors that embrace the essence of the designs,” says Jae about his new line and partnership with Caesarstone.


Your Ideal Bathroom Floor

A green and gorgeous choice for bathroom flooring comes in form of bamboo. A regenerating resource made from tropical grasses, bamboo gives the warm look of a traditional wood floor but is naturally harder and more durable. Having origins in the rainforest, bamboo is also naturally resistant to mold and bacteria, and repellent to moisture, absolutely ideal qualities in a bathroom floor.

For a true bathroom oasis, warmed floors are a must, making getting out of your cozy bed and into the shower to start the day just a little more bearable. They also help homeowners to maximize energy efficiency and reduce utility costs. Having a floor heating system does not mean limiting your choices for new flooring either. These work under tile, stone, and even engineered wood. Premier Green Handscraped Rainforest Collection of engineered bamboo is approved for installation over radiant heat flooring and comes in three color choices.

Custom Cabinets

Built specifically to your needs and design

Once you have chosen your ideal countertops, sink, and vanity layout the best way to compliment those is with custom cabinetry. Built specifically to your needs and design aesthetic furniture grade cabinetry will take your bathroom remodel to the next level. You want to keep your bathroom a Zen retreat, free of unnecessary clutter, and your cabinetry design can incorporate many hidden luxuries that make this easy. Drawer dividers, built in hampers, linen towers, even a mini-entertainment center for the television by your soaking tub help to organize and stylize all at once. Built in illumination, a new trend in bathroom cabinetry, can be incorporated into any style cabinets from traditional to ultra-modern, and a design professional can help devise the perfect way to illuminate yours.


Even with warmed floors, the plush luxury of a rug under your toes is an important compliment to the relaxing comfort of a true bathroom sanctuary. You cannot go wrong with hand knotted Tibetan rugs from Nepal. Known for using bright and intense colors and a century’s old hand knotting technique you will want to use them throughout your home.

Hire a Contractor

Don’t contend with a complicated bathroom on your own

While the bathroom might be one of the smaller rooms in your home it can be one of the most complicated when it comes to remodeling. You can be contending with major plumbing and electrical, as well as stone, detail/artisan tile work, flooring, cabinetry, and paint. With these types of projects you are best served to have a qualified and experienced general contractor on the scene. Often times experienced remodeling contractors can handle the majority of the projects within their own team, and even when having to contract out specialized jobs they will handle all of the oversight for you. This way while you keep up with your own busy schedule they can be your eyes and ears and a single point of contact in an often overwhelming process.

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