The Place is Haunted I Tell Ya…

Friday Oct 21, 2011   THIS is how Halloween decorating is done, period. Thanks Tracy!

To say our Publisher Tracy Pendergast loves Halloween…yeah that would be a bit of an understatement. Tracy lives for Halloween and her joy in the spooky and the kooky cannot be contained. She always has the BEST costume and a hot plan for the holiday but her Halloween celebration starts much much earlier. It begins in early October when the goblins and zombies come out of storage and she decks out her home to rival The Haunted Mansion. Each year some new creature of the night joins the crew to scare the neighborhood kids (and Tracy’s little puppy Bella who is a bit of a fraidy-cat). She invited us in for this year’s fright fest….BOOOOOOO!

We’ll start inside where things are sufficiently eerie…did you hear something?

I think the man in the glass is trying to talk to me. Pretty much everything lights up, smokes, or speaks!

Out front things get really interesting. First you are greated by the happy couple…”enter at your own risk”

Ghosts float around and ummm….is that a hand coming out of that freshly dug grave….

Your time will come….

 This one is my favorite. The snake is the best touch.

Uhhh whats this guy looking at!? CREEPY!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Whaaa haaa haaa haaaaa!

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