May Issue COVER, First Look!

Thursday May 1, 2014 The May issue hits the streets tomorrow but I’m giving you a sneak peek at our May Covers and a look back at some of my favorite Darren Edwards Cover moments over the years…

I know I say this everytime but these May Covers are truly some of my FAVORITES.


Our North County Cover is an historic Olde Del Mar design legacy, (read more about its history here, it’s spectacular) shot by Darren Edwards Photographs who perfectly captured the grandeur and whimsy of the place.  This home is offered by Laura Barry, Barry Estates.

Our Central Coastal Cover is another once-in-a-lifetime property, with over an acre of La Jolla oceanfront and a stunning architectural beauty of a home.  Photographer Paul Body captures this unique perspective from the beach while having some fun catching the home’s agent, Dane Soderberg, P.S. Platinum Properties, in the window.

Look for the May issue at your local real estate office and in your mailboxes starting tomorrow!

Darren Edwards Photographs has shot some of the most stunning properties in San Diego (and beyond) and as I was looking back through some of the PREMIER covers he has shot, I had to share…

This May 2013 Cover for El Milagro (Catherine & Jason Barry, Barry Estates)


In October of 2012 came what may be my all time favorite cover, shot by Darren for Brett Combs, P.S. Platinum Properties and styled by Stephanie Malcolm, it is all just so good!Brett-Combs-October-2012

This shot for Laura Barry’s , Barry Estates, February 2013 Cover is perfection. laura-barry-feb-2013-rancho

This image puts you right next to the fire enjoying the incredible view in our August 2013 issue cover home offered by Brett Combs and Debbie Carpenter for P.S. Platinum Properties.

It doesn’t get much better than this, perfect lighting, perfect everything for the August 2011 cover shot for Catherine & Jason Barry, Barry Estates.


This is an unforgettable image for Eilis McKay of Barry Estates for the April 2011 Cover. Eilis-McKay-Barry-Estates-May 2011 Vol 56

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