Marine Lair

Thursday March 15, 2012  Lately I have been getting my inner builder/designer fix by charting the progress of this incredible new home construction in La Jolla …

Entry pond to the front door going in.

Is anyone else obsessed with home remodeling/designing/real estate shows? I could easily loose an entire Saturday afternoon to HGTV. Lately I have sated my inner designer by charting the progress of a brand new home going up on Windansea Beach in La Jolla  at  Home may be a little bit of an understatement…Marine Lair by The Canter Group is looking to set a new standard for beachfront living. Here are just a few of the uber cool elements going into this project.

The builder describes Marine Lair as a place where technology and nature beautifully coalesce.  To accomplish this they utilize a huge array of  really beautiful natural elements that balance the modern design. This unique wood was derived from a Silver Koa tree that was blown over during a storm on the island of Maui. For preservation purposes it is prohibited to export Koa but because this tree was taken down by natural causes the wood was allowed to be registered with the government and exported to use for this homes magnificent front door, master bedroom closets and such.


LED backlit Brazilian vintage granite from Minas Gerais… yep you heard right. The large beach bathroom steam shower is literally aglow. Large occlusions of clear quartz glimmer and set off the shots of burnt orange Mica and tourmaline.

LED wall before granite install.
Granite walls aglow.


Glass wall on one side of the pool meets up with white granite.

The Pool. The pool, the pool, the pool, what isn’t there to say about it. Rooftop infinity edge pool backs up to the outdoor kitchen, complete with in-pool barstools. Two carved out walls with thick laminated glass panels transparently display the water. A curved glass skylight on the floor of the pool creates dancing light reflected onto the floating staircase inside the house.  Even the pool contributes to the design inside the home.

Stools & Skylight

Since nothing can even broach run-of-the-mill even the 3 car garage has a whole lot-a pizzaz.  A hydraulic ramp inclines upward to flatten the entry ramp for the lowest of sports cars and once inside a circular turntable guided by positioning lasers spins to reposition the cars once inside.

Check out their website to chart the progress with me. Word on the street is they may have this completed by the end of the month… I can’t wait to see it!

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