Happy Birthday PREMIER!

Monday April 1, 2013 It is our birthday over here at PREMIER. As we turn 7 we look back and express our gratitude…

April 1 is no April Fool’s day for us… it is our Birthday over here at PREMIER. As we turn 7!!! this year we feel so grateful…grateful to our incredible clients, grateful to our amazing San Diego readers, grateful to the San Diego luxury Real Estate community, grateful to each other on our team (love you guys!!!!) and just GRATEFUL!

Over the years we have always tried to push ourselves, adapting to the market, changing technology (hello! I mean how much has happened in technology in these last 7 years), and the ever more sophisticated needs of our readers and advertisers. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at just a handful of our milestones along the way as well as a few favorite covers.

Thank you so much everyone! Cheers to another 7 years!

Our very first issue, Vol 1 June 2006. Linda Daniels, The Daniels Group was on our very first Cover!  Photo by Roberto Zeballos

With Vol 28 November 2008 we went through a little logo/cover design change and we haven’t looked back. Olga Minvielle Stevens & Olga Lavalle graced that cover. Photo by Roberto Zeballos

In May 2009 Vol 33 we went from our matte finish cover to high gloss with an incredible property from Andrew E. Nelson. Photo by Cameron Acker

Vol 53, Jan 2011 was our first issue with our iPad app!!  Cover was Drew Nelson. Photo by Brett Haywood Photography

Joel’s all time favorite cover is this Del Mar beauty from Barry Estates in December of 2009, Vol 40. Photo by Darren Edwards Photographs

I think this may have been one of our most unusual covers and I love it. Leopard print stairs, fabulous. This property was represented by Cher Conner. Photo by Roberto Zeballos

I have a really hard time choosing a favorite but these three always stand out to me… Brett Combs Del Mar farmhouse in October 2012 (photo by Darren Edwards), Linda Daniels beautiful La Jolla bedroom in September of 2011 (photo by Ed Gohlich), and this Sunset over Rancho Santa Fe from Catherine and Jason Barry (photo by previewfirst)

As you can see from the covers, although we have grown and changed, our vision has been clear from the start. To serve and represent San Diego’s PREMIER luxury homeowner!

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