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Friday August 29, 2014 We’ve all heard about detoxing our diets for better health but what about detoxing our homes. Chemical residue from unsafe cleaning agents can undo all the good we’ve been getting from that clean diet…

We’ve all heard about detox diets for our health but what about detoxing our homes. Living amongst toxic chemicals from unsafe cleaning agents can undo all the good we’ve been getting from that clean diet…luxury-home-clean-service

Thankfully there is a solution. Our friends at Supreme Cleaning Solutions offer a specialized green care detox clean using ECO-friendly Green Certified cleaning chemicals, microfiber dust and wet mops and HEPA vacuum cleaner filters.

They utilize a holistic approach to removing the old dirt, old chemicals and grime from hidden areas, filters and vents. Bonus: This solution is highly recommended for dealing with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

They also offer specialized aromatherapy service utilized for bathrooms and kitchens. Using all natural, earth-friendly cleaning solutions made with 100% pure essential oils to provide an organic scent relationship between you and your environment.

rancho-santa-fe-home-cleaning serviceAny time is a good time for a cleaning detox, whether you are looking to start the fall and holiday season with a top to bottom house clean or if you are in the process of moving into your new PREMIER home, call Supreme Cleaning Solutions to schedule a consultation. If you love it you can even hire them to do regularly scheduled cleaning service.

Once you have cleared you home of those toxic chemicals make sure you don’t re-do the damage by using unsafe cleaning products. Go to  to find out what is safe.

Happy detoxing everyone!

If you are getting ready to sell your home click here to read about Supreme Cleaning Solutions Sparkle and Shine Service


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