Linda Daniels
Brokerage: Willis Allen Real Estate
Phone: 858.361.5561
CA BRE #: 00593093
Ranking in the top of all La Jolla real estate agents for a decade is not what defines Linda. The true rewards are much less tangible: it is the sense of pride, the sense of contentment, that come from a job well done. The daughter of hard-working immigrant parents, Linda was raised to set high goals and to always do what she knew in her heart was right, even if it meant sacrificing in the short term for a greater gain in the long run. Throughout her life shes followed these lessons and has, time after time, enjoyed a great return. Linda truly believes that if her team makes client satisfaction the primary goal – the success will ensue.
Linda’s family is the other passion in her life. She has raised four children in La Jolla. They have attended local schools, participated on many sports programs and continued on to graduate from major universities. Today, they are all hard working individuals. Linda has raised her children to feel confident in her love for them and to always go for their dreams. Her husband Mike calls her the most influential person in his life. Linda is graduate of UCLA.